Let the fun begin. I finally got around to adding the photoblog to the sidebar. That means easy access to pictures for you! Aren't you excited?!?

I took a few shots around Brooklyn earlier today. Can I tell you that I've got cabin fever in a bad way? It's done nothing but rain for the last four days, and tomorrow we're to expect snow. SNOW. Someone please send Mother Nature a memo to reminder her that winter is over.

I didn't get around to reading for my class this weekend. The weather prevented me from doing anything but shopping online and watching sappy movies. I'm excited about tomorrow though. Not only are my girl scout cookies arriving, but also my new mouse pad, as well as my new LED tube that flashes to the beat of whatever music you're playing at the time. Let me link you to my cool new toys. Mouse pad and LED tube

Yes, that's about all for now. Enjoy the new material and links. I'll be back again when it stops RAINING!


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