Let's see. What activities did I do today that allowed forced me not to write another paper for my grad class.

1. I woke up around noon, hey it's was Saturday, give me a break.

2. I ate wheat thins for breakfast.

3. I bought three new videos at Suncoast Video. (Videos purchased were "The Money Pit", "Ever After", and "The Mask of Zorro"). Stopped at Toys R Us, and 7-11 on the way home.

4. Went to the grocery store and bought dinner I ended up not making.

5. Tried to help dad fix his computer long distance New York to Florida. Found out that even reinstalling Windows doesn't fix the problem. Dad finally called it quits after over an hour of trying. Stupid machines.

6. Ended up eating honey nut cheerios for dinner. I'll have the hamburgers tomorrow night.

7. Spent an hour fiddling with my computer wallpaper/color display/fonts and yapped with Zann.

8. Took a shower. Wrote this blog entry. Climbed into bed to watch one of my new movies.

I suppose I'll be waking up early to take care of those papers tomorrow... er.. today.