I've been trying to curb the explosive CD buying phase I went through this past summer and fall. Granted, my collection was pretty pathetic for a musician, so I don't feel terrible about the stuff I got, especially since what I bought was amazing. But upon hearing Corrine Bailey Rae on the John Mayer website, I couldn't resist picking up just one more CD.

My favorite song on the CD is "Put Your Records On." I love that you can hear the British accent as she sings. Usually singers lose the accent when they perform. "Three lit-el birds sat on my window.... and they told me I don't need to worry." Go give it a listen and should you like it, make sure you pick a copy up at your local store. You may need to look under the R&B section, for some strange reason. I'm not agreeing with that categorization, though.

Someone has a birthday coming up in one week and one day. And a "lit-el" birdie told me he's getting some outstanding gifts. Not that the gifts are important........................ oh who are we kidding? Giving them is highly important. Even if he says getting them isn't important at all. Love you sweets.


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