Meet Fred.

Fred is the newest addition to the Miller family. After weeks of deciding whether or not we actually wanted a dog, Mr. Miller gave his son the choice. He either wanted a dog, or a grandson. You can see the results of that decision.

Why the name Fred? Simple. Mr. Miller Sr. is a truck driver. He no longer goes on week long journeys, instead coming home each night. However, Fred has been accompanying him in the truck during the week.

Fred is the name if the dog in Smokey and the Bandit that rides with the Snowman. And although the breed is not the same, our Fred is staying true to his name. He has to be picked up and pushed into the truck. Pulled out of the truck. He loves to ride, have no doubt, but he's as lazy as sin.

Fred's a redbone coonhound puppy! He'll get to be around 70lbs when he's fully grown. More pictures to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Fred!! Those sad hound dog eyes just get to you don't they? I would love to hear him bark (howl, bay). Your Pawpaw would probably swipe him if he was around. You know how he loved coon dogs, or hounds in general. Fred is dog-gone cute!
(Bailey could probably get him up and about. Lazy, he is not!)

December 01, 2007 9:00 PM  

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