I've finally managed to kick off my exercise program again. I do very well maintaining the workouts (running four miles a day when it's warm). After moving to NYC and having to endure the arctic air during the winter, I'm finding it difficult to force myself outdoors to run. Let's keep in mind that I'm a teacher, and therefore don't have money to throw down the toilet at the gym.

Today I spent thirty minutes on my new Lateral Thigh Trainer, and then I did crunches, nice and slow (as opposed to "if I do these very fast it won't hurt as much and it will be over a lot quicker") so that I'm actually doing my body good, just like milk. Don't forget the stretching!

I'm tired, as you can probably tell by the disconcerted style this post is following. I think I might sleep under the mountain of clean laundry on my bed, instead of worrying about folding it all.


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