Kozy Shack rocks my world. You should all go out and try their cinnamon raisin rice pudding, if you haven't already. Go! Now! Please.

This week is taking it's dear sweet time to roll by, isn't it? So far I've managed to become completely annoyed at one of my co-workers (you know the one I'm always complaining about who clocks in, but only spends 1 of 4 assigned hours in my room... Where he is the rest of the time, probably off stealing children's coats or something), and then have to throw together a last minute birthday party for a child whose parents don't seem to care enough to take care of her properly. Not on my shift.

The good news is that I got to talk to my friend Greg from Kansas. I met him once, when I was eighteen. It's nice to hear from old friends from time to time. It reminds me that I need to spend more time trying to keep in touch with those people.

Let's all pray Wednesday doesn't take as long to pass as Tuesday did... Three day weekend in T-minus 10 days and counting!


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