My newest bulletin board. After gathering a few random "spring" ideas from the net, I came up with this masterpiece!

Starting from the bottom, you see a fish pond, complete with goldfish. Then we have springy frogs jumping off lily pads (that are floating on the water just above the fish). I used pipe cleaners wrapped into a coil for the springs. The frogs I drew and let the children color.

Then last but not least we have the butterflies. These were made by giving each child the blackline version, and then letting them "paint" their butterflies using small pieces of colored tissue paper. To do this we had to tear and crumple tissue paper of various colors. Then using a clothespin to hold the tissue paper, dip the tissue into a small amount of water. When the colors start to run, dab them on the butterfly and there you have it. If you're looking for a neat project to do with a wide ranged age group, this one seems to do the trick. Young or old, big or small, it matters not. Just look at the results. Most of those butterflies were painted by 3 year olds.

Anyway, check out the new pictures I posted on my photoblog.


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