Valentine's Day 2007

Valentine's day has been nonexistent for me the last, I don't know...lifetime will suffice.

This year was different. This year I have Alex. Valentine's Day began around 12:01am with an exchanging of gifts. For his gift, I'd conspired with a friend who works at the music store and purchased a guitar that Alex seems to love only slightly less than he loves me. In fact, he had told said music store friend not to sell the guitar to anyone, that he would be in at the end of the month to pick it up. Upon arriving to work Saturday morning, Alex discovered that the guitar was sold only hours after it had arrived at the store.


Little did he know it was I who had ordered the guitar for him, and it was I who left work early to pick up his new toy while he enjoyed the afternoon off. I lined the case in crushed red velvet and used beads to spell out his last name on the case. Shortly after midnight on 2/14 I led him through his house to a back room where his present had been hidden all day long. Needless to say he seemed quite pleased with the gift.

His gift to me? Fingerprints. His and mine. He spent hours working on each of our prints to make them align just so, and placed them in a frame with Latin written on the bottom........ most romantic gift ever.

The only man I'll need, ever.


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