It's been a busy two weeks in Amy land. Birthday parties, Easter baskets, and house hunting have all taken place.

I've taken the initiative to purchase a home, as I'm tired of feeling much like a nomad. I've found the perfect spot in a wonderful neighborhood. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, is newly remodeled, and a has a huge fenced-in backyard for the puppy.

My only concern is that the home is a foreclosure currently, and I'm not sure if the bank will accept the offer I've made. As the house has been on the market for almost a year with no offers at all, I'm hoping the bank will just cut their losses and run. I should know in a few weeks.

Many pictures will follow if the house is to be mine.

In other news, my godson Bradley turned four last week. Happy birthday, Bug! For those who read the blog from out of state, here's a Florida pic just for you! Bradley's party was at the lake downtown, and this guy tried to crash the party. It's difficult to tell from the picture, but the alligator was approximately 5-6 feet long.

Finally, a few nights ago, I decided to see if my camera would take pictures through the telescope lens while focused on the moon. It worked, and the proof is below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! the moon that is. The uninvited b/d guest....I can live without him! I think it 's that time of year when they get "frisky" and start searching for lady friends...usually of thier own species, but they'll take a young white 2 legged one too....tasty!
P.S. Hope the househunt will end successfully. Can't wait to see it!!

March 25, 2008 7:01 PM  

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