Can I tell you that the NYC transit authority has had me running in circles today? Thanks MTA! I spent way too much time backtracking to get where I needed to go today. My quick trip from the G to the L to the store ended up looking like this: G to the L. Find out the L isn't working. Get back on the G four more stops to the E. E to the 6. Ok, so then I wasn't even where I intended to be, but I got a special errand done so I was fine with that. Then I jumped back on the 6 after several hours of waiting, and ended up at KMart which was my initial destination.

I thought I was safe after all that, but no. That would be too easy. On the way home to avoid the L I'll take the A I thought. WRONG ANSWER! How about the 6 to the 4 to the A. But oh, the A at this station isn't running. Go four stops the other direction and catch the A at West 4th. The A is running on the F line. So it was back on the E uptown, to the A, then A via F line to the G and home. Someone's not going to get any cupcakes for this hassle.

But hey, I was in the heart of NYC by myself.. this being only the second time I don't think I did that bad. Not my fault the trains were screwed up. Back to work tomorrow. Valentine's week with the kids should be great fun.


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