This years creative Easter basket was quite the project. After visiting many bakeries, and a multitude of stores looking for the required items, I finally managed to throw together what I needed to complete my mission. Below is an account of the making of my very first Easter Basket Cake. Enjoy!

1. Pull together all of the ingredients in a general location.
2. Mix together the cake, and shove it in the oven so you can get on to the more exciting parts of the task.
3. Begin work on the snocap like nonpareils while the cake is cooking. Use a double boiler (or make your own like I had to do) to melt the dove chocolate bars.
4. Pour melted chocolate into a ziplock freezer bag, cut a tiny hole in the tip, and squeeze chocolate out onto wax paper. Sprinkle with millions of round multi-colored cake decorations. Allow nonpareils to cool.
5. Pull fully cooked cake out of the oven.
6. Proceed to flip cake upside down onto cookie tin after it has cooled completely.
7. Cut cake into the shape of an Easter basket, as shown. I used the parts I cut away to make raised Easter eggs on the bottom of the cake, as you can see.
8. Apply icing to completely cooled cake. Cream cheese icing works best for carrot cake I've been told, so that's what I'm using today. Do not frost inside of basket handle. You'll see why later.
9. Use small icing tubes (color of your choice) to create weave pattern and egg decorations on cake.
10. Write your Easter message with leftover icing, and fill inner handle of cake with your freshly made chocolate nonpareils.
11. Enjoy the completed project with friends and family!