Recently, Alex and I made a trip to the Orlando Science Center. Below are a few pictures taken on our weekend getaway. Enjoy!

This is a picture of the outside of our hotel room. We stayed at the Port Orleans Disney hotel. Our room was the second floor right corner room.

This is the path that wound through the hotel. Lined with lampposts and a beautiful river, we were treated to the sounds of the riverboat gurgling along every hour or so.

The obligatory cell phone picture. There has to be one on every trip. This shot was taken in front of the water fountain at the hotel.

This was our room number. More importantly, it's a picture of the live frog that lodged himself on the plaque outside the door.

Show me your muscles!

A room with a view.

Inside the science center, there is a very tall tree. The tree is four stories tall if I'm not mistaking. The winding staircases lead to different floors, each containing wonders of science.

One of the many critters located inside the science center. We won't post any snake pictures here... no worries.

Lunchtime. Don't you look at me like that.

Alex, fearing for his life, as I drive on the interstate.


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