It's been a while. It's been raining. A lot. Tropical Storm Faye has dumped more water on us than any storm in my memory, and it's not even a hurricane.

Life's been quite busy lately. We're coming very close to closing on a home, finally. It's been a long road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I've abandoned taking pictures of properties before they're actually ours as it seems to turn out that as soon as the pictures are taken something goes wrong. So mum's the word until I sign on the dotted line. Sept 30th is the big day.

The 2008/09 school year began for us on Monday. Unfortunately, thanks to Faye, school was closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Only 13 children showed up on Thursday, and they should have stayed home as Thursday was the worst of the storm in Lake county.

At any rate, below are a few pictures I've taken of the classroom before the children arrived to destroy the place. That's what kids do, you know. So far, this class seems to be much more calm and obedient than last years group, thank the heavens. Of course, I know more this year than I did last, and to quote a favorite childhood cartoon, knowing is half the battle!

This is the view as you enter the classroom. Computer stations, marker board, and listening center.

This is a look at the left side of the classroom. Beginning from the listening center, to my desk, bulletin boards, and student tables.

The back of the classroom has leap pads (kiddy computers) and more student seating.

Here's a view of the right half of the classroom. We've got a functional, but illegal in the principals eyes, kitchen. Since we're not allowed to use it for anything but washing hands, I've utilized the cabinet space by placing a number chart there.

This is the view from the left side of the classroom looking back towards the front door.

Finally, these are "most" of the children in my class this year. Their faces have been hidden to protect the innocent. (They made masks resembling a raccoon in a story I read to them the first day.)

The following pictures have nothing to do with school.

Happy 1st birthday Fred!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts. Your classroom looks awesome and inviting. I'm hoping to maybe come visit this year if all goes well. I pray that the class will continue to be calm, but I'm sure they will have their moments of madness. They are kids!! Can't wait to see your house, but we'll wait until your name is on the dotted line. I've stayed updated by your mom and dad. Was hoping to see you at the birthday party, but you were busy. Fred has grown up! He's looking mighty fine though. Best wishes for the school year, house, etc., etc. Love ya!

August 27, 2008 9:22 AM  

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