Noah and I have been talking. It may be time to start gathering up the animals. If this storm hits Florida, I'm anticipating a very soggy 29th birthday. It's no hurricane yet, but give it time. We still have standing water from Fay.


We made it through the first full week of school. Let's see if I can name all of the children. DeAndre, DeJuan, Omarious, Orlando, Boston, China, Charles, Ansom, Joshua, Jarius, Jaren, Oran, Christina, Katrina, Kadrayah, Angleshia, Shaniah, Summer, Brandon, and Billy.

It amazes me that so many of the names are very similar. It happens every year, though.


Completely unrelated.

At the beginning of the month, Alex took me to see my most favorite band in all the world, Coheed and Cambria. It was my second time seeing them live at the House of Blues, and they never disappoint.

The band writes their songs based on a comic book (The Amory Wars) that the lead singer has been writing the past few years. I cannot get enough of the music and Alex can't get enough of the comic books, so it works out nicely.

For those who aren't familiar with downtown Disney, there's a Virgin Megastore just a few feet from the House of Blues. We always wander around the store before the shows begin, because it's the biggest CD store we have around here. You never know what you may find.

While approaching the store, I noticed a group of teenagers sitting on the bench outside. As we walked in front of them, I saw the look on one of the kid's faces transform from boredom to astonishment. I turned around to see what he was looking at, and sure enough, there was Claudio, the lead singer/guitarist of the band!

We walked into the store and he came in right behind us. My first famous person! I must admit my heart skipped a beat. We didn't say anything to him, though. If I were famous, I'd like to think a trip to the local music store wouldn't have to end in a riot. I'll leave that to the teenagers. (Although I DO have dragonfly decals on the back window of my Scion Tc.. shh!)

But that's not all! As we were leaving the store, we ran into Travis, the guitar player. And finally, while waiting in line to enter the House of Blues, Mic (bass player) came out and signed autographs.

It was a fantastic way to end the summer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the names! Sounds like a geography lesson.
Hope your birthday was fun! My grandchildren are growing...up!! Hard to believe...doesn't seem like it's been that many years since you were all small and playing in my yard with Boss Dog & Betsy.
Love ya! Mammaw

September 07, 2008 3:16 PM  

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