September 25, 2008

RE: Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

To Whom It May Concern:

We must confess we have an unnatural sort of love for our Xbox 360. It has seen us through many a difficult day.

Unfortunately, we’ve been noticing the last few weeks that games are having a tendency to freeze a bit more than normal while playing for even short periods of time.

The freezing became more and more frequent this past weekend, and finally during one reset the dreaded and most feared red ring appeared. We turned off the console, unplugged everything, removed the hard drive and let ‘Ole Green sit untouched for two days.

Upon plugging everything back in tonight we thought perhaps we’d escaped the doom of having to return our beloved friend! The glowing green orb pulsed for almost a full minute!

Alas, after attempting to put in a game, we made it as far as the opening screen that taunted us with “press start to begin” and the game froze once more. The red ring returned as did our broken hearts.

We return our faithful Xbox 360 into your knowledgeable hands in hopes of a safe and speedy return, reincarnation, replacement, etc.

Your steadfast friends,
Amy and Alex
Eustis, FL


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